Services to care for your individual needs


Short-Term Rehabilitation

Rebuilding your strength, regaining functionality, and increasing mobility are the focus of short-term post-acute rehabilitation care at Rose City. If you aren’t ready to go home after leaving the hospital, the experts at Rose City provide specialized treatment to help you recover.

Individualized rehabilitation in a kind, sociable environment makes recovery fun and facilitates quicker healing at Rose City.

Rose City short-term rehabilitation is comprehensive assistance for your speedy recovery.


Long-Term Skilled Care

A comfortable, long-term environment is an option when your loved one can no longer live at home. Your family member will receive individualized care from our skilled staff. When your loved one can no longer perform daily activities independently, our caregivers assist with compassion. Our professionals are available around the clock to help with acute and chronic care, including medication management and personal hygiene.

The Rose City staff are especially skilled in helping residents with memory deficits and neurocognitive disorders, with a whole floor dedicated to keeping your loved one in a safe and secure environment. Our capable staff can help residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s to ensure they are nurtured with dignity and cared for in an environment that promotes quality of life. We partner with hospice care agencies to enable a smooth transition during an emotional time.

Helping your loved one retain independence for as long as possible and living their life to the fullest are the cornerstones of Rose City.


Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy

With our uniquely tailored physical therapy, you can regain your highest levels of functioning and mobility. Improve your fine motor skills with our expert occupational therapists. Dedicated occupational professionals customize and develop individualized treatment plans and therapy programs to meet your needs successfully and help you recover. Our speech therapists assist our residents in overcoming language issues and regaining communication skills.

The occupational, physical, and speech therapists at Rose City can help you regain strength, balance, function, and confidence to return to your life, job, and family.


Stroke and Cardiac Recovery

The expert staff at Rose City helps you or your loved one recover from a stroke or cardiac event. Our specialized treatments improve your energy and general wellness while reducing physical limitations and body pain. With a detailed recovery plan, we assist in healing you or your loved one with respiratory treatments, wound care, and therapy. IV antibiotic therapy, post-surgical and trach care, and enteral nutrition therapy are all provided by the expert staff at Rose City.

Rose City staff is dedicated to making it easier for your loved one to manage their everyday routine and return to the activities they enjoy as speedily as possible.


Emotional Well-being

Your emotional health is just as important as how you feel physically. At Rose City, we pride ourselves on serving the community members to overcome challenging mental health complexities. Our expert staff specializes in helping you get the understanding and respect you need to promote your emotional well-being.

Recognizing that health issues may be emotional helps residents at Rose City to get the support they need.