Success Story: Robert

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Robert Keller arrived at Rose City Nursing upon being discharged from the hospital where he was being treated for bacterial pneumonia, which aggravated his COPD. When admitted, Robert was weak and unable to ambulate unassisted. In addition, Robert also required help with activities of daily living (ADL) as well as transfers and bed mobility. All throughout, Robert had a great spirit, desire to get better and return to his assisted living facility.

During his weeks in rehab, Robert remained positive and oh so funny; cracking jokes while working hard to meet his goals. With the help of a dedicated physical therapy team, Robert his goal of Modified Independence and plans were underway for him to return to assisted living. It was at this time that we were informed that Robert’s beloved wife had passed away.

Devastated, Robert began to decline – discharge was delayed and our teams gently worked with Robert. It took weeks for Robert to again be cleared for discharge but he did it! We are so proud of Robert!

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